Mr. George Zouvelos,
President & Founder The NYPBA

Tel: (917) 613-3320

New York State Professional Bail
Bondsmen & Agents.

129 Livingston Street, 2nd Floor,
Brooklyn, New York 11201


We found the NYPBA because it was immediately necessary for the commercial bail industry to take proactive actions in order to secure its future that is presently under attack across New York State while protecting the rights of consumers and taxpayers.  Profound issues also exist in the current pretrial release process where individual rights and tax payer fiscal concerns are being violated and or altogether ignored across the State of New York and these United States.


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"New York State Professional Bail Bondsmen & Agents!"
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The NYPBA, New York Professional Bondsmen & Agents, was founded by President George Zouvelos; New York State licensed Professional Bail Bondsman and President of Spartan Bail Bonds of New York. 

The NYPBA is the only professional commercial bail industry & Bail Bondsman organization in the State of New York that specializes in actively seeking to defend, promote and educate every segment of the population of the numerous benefits and importance of the existence of a vibrant and active commercial bail industry within the State of New York and across these United States.

The commercial bail industry is comprised of independent licensed  bail agents across the 62 counties in the State of New York that operate mostly small family owned businesses in the form of small local bail companies.  The professional licensed bail bondsman and bail companies provide an invaluable service to the public and alleviate local towns, cities, counties and the criminal justice systems hundreds of Millions of dollars that would be otherwise spent utilizing other forms of bail such as the ineffective cash bail method that punishes the taxpayer while unnecessarily straining resources, dollars and man-power of local law enforcement and other agencies in the criminal justice system.

The NYPBA continuously seeks to promote fair and just bail laws that protect the consumer while providing the private small bail bond business owner, bail bondsmen and agents the opportunity to service the citizens of this great state while exercising  the true American entrepreneurial spirit at no cost to the taxpaying public.

The NYPBA works to inform and educate the legislature on key issues that exists in gaps in the bail law that harm not only the consumer but the independent bail bondsman and the beneficial bail industry.

Beyond legislative advocacy, the NYPBA seeks to proactively educate attorneys, judges, clerks, academia and others on issues concerning pretrial release, policy and  regulation that not only effects the taxpayer, but also consumer and client civil and due process rights.

The NYPBA promotes the interests of its membership and supporters of the commercial bail bond industry while engaged in monitoring the fiscal responsibility to tax payers by the criminal justice system and individual rights issues pertaining to pretrial release in the State of New York.